The Chestnut Man: The Killing continues…

I loved this…great review


chestnutmanIf a single book sums up the typical Nordic noir serial-killer-thriller then it’s this one. It sticks rigidly to the formula which has made Scandi crime so successful; grisly murders, political intrigue, multiple cliff-hangers, and investigative threads which appear entirely convincing in one chapter, only to be discarded in the next as another red herring leads the detectives astray.

The author, Søren Sveistrup, is better known for his work in TV. He’s the man behind the stunningly successful Forbrydelsen series – The Killing – featuring detective Sarah Lund. And the similarities with The Chestnut Man are inescapable…

There’s an undervalued female investigator; in this case a hardworking single mum who’s highly proficient and efficient, a dedicated stickler for detail. Her mismatched partner is that traditional washout male cop with a tragic personal history, an alcohol problem and a short fuse. He’s half a liability and half a hero, the guy…

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