A Magical Tale: Echo North by Joanna Ruth Meyer (Interview + Review + Giveaway!)

Lovely interview and review…giveaway only for the US…

Vicky Who Reads

I am so so excited to bring you not just one, but two interviews this week as I talk with Joanna Ruth Meyer about EchoNorth, her magical sophomore novel!

If you love fairytales and enchanting, atmospheric novels, and MAGICAL LIBRARIES (!!!), then you have to check out EchoNorth. It’s all of this and more.

Almost like a Beauty & the Beast, but not quite, EchoNorth revolves around a girl whisked away to an enchanted house beneath a mountain, where she learns secrets about this magical mansion.

It’s so epic, and I had an awesome time reading, which you can hear more about in myreview. But first, there’s an interviewwithJoannaherself where you can hear more about EchoNorth straight from the source, and after we have a giveaway (ooh, exciting!).

So sit back, grab a cup of tea, and happy reading!

Hi Joanna! I’m so excited to have you…

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