I’ll Find You by Liz Lawler – Book Review. #bookreview #bookblogger #thriller


Chilling and unrelentingly gripping, I’LL FIND YOU is the terrifying new psychological thriller from the bestselling author of DON’T WAKE UP. Perfect for fans of Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough and C.L. Taylor’s, The Fear.

Emily Jacobs, a nurse, is in hospital for a minor operation. When she wakes in the night, woozy with anaesthetic, she sees the doctor frantically trying to resuscitate the woman in the bed next to her. In the morning, she is told that she must have had a nightmare. The bed has been empty all along . . .

When Emily returns to work she discovers a bracelet that she believes belonged to the missing woman. Soon, she becomes convinced that her colleagues at the hospital are hiding a terrible secret. 

What if she’s wrong? What if her own troubled past has affected her more than she knows?

But what if she’s right? 

What else could they be capable of?

(From Goodreads)


Emily Jacobs’ sister, Zoe, had disappeared some months before and Emily has been searching relentlessly ever since. This had affected her mental health and her therapist is trying to help her recover fully. As a result she is to return to work as a Nurse, after a small operation to remove a lump in her breast.

While she is recovering from her op, she witnesses a young girl ‘dying’ in her room, but nurses and doctors convince her this was just a dream, the result of anaesthetic, but Emily is not so sure.

Here begins Liz Lawler’s marvellously tense, gripping and twisty tale that will keep you guessing and on edge as the tension builds. Is Emily hallucinating, is her mental health declining again, is Zoe still alive, or is something more unbelievably tragic happening ?…Thank goodness for Geraldine, the detective that just doesn’t give up. The ending will leave you broken…..

Thank you to The Pigeonhole and the author, Liz Lawler for the opportunity to read this for free. This is my honest review and all opinions my own.

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5 responses to “I’ll Find You by Liz Lawler – Book Review. #bookreview #bookblogger #thriller”

  1. That cover is beautiful 💞
    Great review….

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  2. Omg omg I want this book Lesley.. I read book 1 by the author, no idea how I missed requesting for this book. Hope I get this book some day

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    1. I think it’s available on netgalley today xx

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      1. I was rejected for this I just checked Sighhh


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