Queenie Malone’s Paradise Hotel By Ruth Hogan – A Review

Lovely review

Bookish Chat

Publisher: Two Roads

Publication Date: 7th February 2019

It’s nearly midnight and I’ve just closed this book. I’m a little bit blown away to be honest.

I got sent a proof copy unsolicited from Two Roads and picked it up at the start of the new year, mainly because the publication date was looming and I wanted to read it before then.

I have devoured this book in two sittings and my mind is buzzing. What I expected to be a lighthearted read turned out to be something entirely different. In a hugely positive way!

This is the story of 7 year old Tilly, a girl who lives with her mother Grace and her father Stevie. Tilly has a difficult relationship with her distant mother which becomes even more strained when her father disappears. He has apparently gone away to work and earn money for the family but Tilly misses…

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