Radioactive Evolution by Richard Hummel – Book Review


How far would you go to change humanity’s fate?

Jared Cartwright has spent the last two years delving into the twisted, scarred wastelands of an earth ravaged by nuclear war. The rich and powerful have taken to the oceans and skies on floating utopias, escaping destruction and leaving the rest of humanity to fend off the mutated creatures that roam the earth.

To face his new reality, Jared must become an apex predator if he hopes to survive. He must unlock his true potential to confront those that left mankind to die. With deadly adversaries above and below, Jared must evolve beyond mere human limitations to defeat the powerful rulers of the cities and the rabid beasts lurking in the shadows.

Jared’s quest takes a new turn when he discovers dragons are real.


Set in a future post apocalyptic Earth, with many people and animals mutated by nuclear radiation….the remaining people use nanites in their bodies as a matter of course to make them stronger, quicker and heal faster…(reminded me a little of Piers Platt’s Rath novels)…

The main character is Jared, he roams around scavenging what he can to survive and top up his nanites….levelling up!

He finds and steals an egg from a nest……and mummy dragon is not pleased….yes I did say DRAGON….but as the egg hatches Jared bonds with Scarlet, he is in the dark, but she speaks to him……and she finds him a worthy man and while he recovers, he is upgraded. Then Scarlet becomes the matriarchal dragon and together they travel on a quest to free the remaining dragons, imprisoned underground by tyrannical humans !

I adore Scarlet, powerful, smart and with a dry wit, their squabbles are so much fun. Jared, is a conflicted soul, he’s a good man and hates to hurt anything but circumstances mean it can’t be avoided as they fight for their lives against many mutated creatures…including bunnies and believe me they are not cuddly…(no Xenomorph’s luckily!)

Richard Hummel’s writing is detailed, exciting, fun and fast paced, the world building is incredible and I can’t wait for the next adventure……

My many thanks to Kelsey Butts at Book Publicity Services for a free copy of this ebook, as I may not have discovered this marvellous novel otherwise. This is my honest and unbiased review.


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