Know No Evil by Graeme Hampton – Book Review



Old crimes don’t stay buried forever…

It’s high summer, and London sizzles in the grip of a heatwave. But when the body of young mother, Leanne Wyatt, is discovered in an East London park, the heat rises to boiling point for D.I. Matthew Denning. Under pressure to solve the case, and fast, he delves into Leanne’s history and finds that she was close to some dangerous individuals – could one of them have taken her life in an angry rage? But when another woman is found dead in similar circumstances, Denning is forced to consider that a killer stalks the capital’s streets.

But when young, ambitious, D.S. Molly Fisher, discovers a horrifying link to these deaths and a killing spree in South London a decade ago –a terrifying summer where young women died at the hands of a psychopath the press dubbed ‘The Bermondsey Ripper’, the case is blown wide open. Anthony Ferguson is serving a life sentence for the crimes, so are these new deaths the result of a copycat killer – or did the police convict the wrong man? Whatever the case, Denning and Fisher need to stop a killer in his tracks – before he sets his sights on them.

The launch of a gripping new crime thriller series featuring D.I. Matthew Denning and Constable Molly Fisher, Know No Evil will utterly engross fans of Ian Rankin, Angela Marsons and L.J. Ross.


DI Matt Denning, recently promoted to the role is at his first murder case. A young woman’s beaten body has been found.

Meanwhile DS Molly Fisher is doing her own investigation and finds links to an old case….The Bermondsey Ripper…..when more bodies are found she decides to approach Denning with her suspicions…and so the partnership begins…

This is told from both Denning and Foster’s perspectives, which gives a unique view of how their minds work, how they each process the same events. Very clever.

As this is the start of the series there is quite a bit of character building, so you get to know their backgrounds and personalities.

“‘He looks like a frigging ad for Hugo Boss.’”

There are enough twists to keep you guessing in this solid, engrossing and well plotted police procedural …thoroughly entertaining.

Thank you to Tracy and Compulsive Readers for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook.  This is my honest, unbiased review.

You can buy a copy here


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