A Place To Lie by Rebecca Griffiths – Book Review



In a dark, dark wood

In Summer 1990, Caroline and Joanna are sent to stay with their great aunt, Dora, to spend their holidays in a sunlit village near the Forest of Dean. The countryside is a welcome change from the trauma they know back home in the city; a chance to make the world a joyful playground again. But in the shadowy woods at the edge of the forest hide secrets that will bring their innocence to a distressing end and make this a summer they will never forget.

There was a dark, dark house

Years later, a shocking act of violence sends Joanna back to Witchwood. In her great aunt’s lonely and dilapidating cottage, she will attempt to unearth the secrets of that terrifying summer and come to terms with the haunting effects it has left on her life. But in her quest to find answers, who can she trust? And will she be able to survive the impending danger from those trying to bury the truth?



This begins with Caroline feeling paranoid on a trip to a supermarket, that everyone is a danger to her….then she is confronted by someone she recognises and tragedy ensues…

The story is then told in the present day with skips back to the summer of 1990. Caroline and Jo had been sent to stay with their Great Aunt Dora, their mum isn’t well. 

They enjoy the freedom of the countryside, but Caroline is not really settled, she steals trinkets and is easily upset, saying things that may not be exactly true.

What did happen to their friend Ellie? Who is keeping secrets and who is telling the truth?

I loved the descriptive writing that builds the atmosphere of a summer in the countryside, the people and events and the general sense of something dark just under the surface. A compelling, rural mystery with some surprises!

Thank you to Anne Cater and Random Things Tours for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the book  and this is my honest, unbiased review

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Praise for Rebecca Griffiths


“Superbly evokes the brooding beauty of the countryside and the menace that can lurk behind its hedges… Twisty, atmospheric and elegantly written, it has echoes of Daphne du Maurier with its shivering paranoia, fear and dread, and introduces an exciting new name to “domestic noir” Daily Mail


“This is a chilling thriller . . . a brilliantly written book” The Sun

“I was hooked from page one and downed this book in one lip-smacking, thirst-quenching gulp!” Crime Squad


“Gripping” Hello


“A lusciously atmospheric rural mystery with a delicious backflip of an ending. There were moments that literally gave me shivers.”          Alex Marwood




Rebecca Griffiths grew up in rural mid-Wales and went on to gain a first class honours degree in English Literature. After a successful business career in London, Dublin and Scotland, she returned to mid-Wales where she now lives with her husband, a prolific artist, their three vampiric cats as black as night, and pet sheep the size of sofas.


4 responses to “A Place To Lie by Rebecca Griffiths – Book Review”

  1. Massive thanks for the blog tour support Lesley x

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    1. My pleasure as always x


  2. Rebecca Griffiths avatar
    Rebecca Griffiths

    Dear Lesley, thank you so much for this wonderful review for my book and for your huge support and taking part in the blog tour. I loved reading your take on the goings-on in Witchwood and I’m both relieved and thrilled you enjoyed your read. Thank you too for posting this fab review on Goodreads as it really helps readers to find books they might like. Would you mind, if you have time, putting it on Amazon as the more ratings it gets the better chance it has on being found by potential readers. With my very best wishes and grateful thanks, Rebecca x

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    1. Thank you so much. I’ve already added it to Amazon, it’s just waiting approval .xx


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