False Prophet by James Hazel – Book Review



Charlie Priest is back, and this time it’s personal. The new page-turning thriller from the author of The May fly and The Ash Doll

Evil is in the blood.

When the body of a young woman is found with a nail through her head and a strange symbol drawn in blood next to her, the police are baffled. But as the body count rises, they soon realise they might have a serial killer in their midst.

Meanwhile lawyer Charlie Priest is wrapped up in a case disputing an ancient artefact. As links appear between Priest’s case and the murder victims, it is soon uncovered that this case is just about to become personal, and someone is determined to keep their secret, whatever the cost.




This starts with a Book…..Professor Owen has an ancient text, one of the Dead Sea scrolls that holds a secret, a secret he is willing to die to keep….

Charlie Priest is a supervising solicitor, to monitor the police search of Owen’s home for the Book….Elisha Capendale wants her property…

Alongside this is a murder case, victims found with an eight inch nail in their brains and a religious symbol left at the scenes….and the words ‘Kill the Giants’.

What is the link to the book? Are the defendants of the nephilim roaming the earth?

As the case gets dark and someone close to Charlie is in danger, he goes to visit his brother William, whose a serial killer himself and in a secure unit. Can William offer any help? 

There is a really creepy killer, religious tales and symbolism all in a clever mix of police procedural and dark thriller. The characters are so well developed, with their own personal problems and mixed up lives, which adds to the tension. Utterly compelling from start to nail biting finish….. If you like a thriller on the dark side, you’ll love this…

Thank you to Tracy and Compulsive Readers for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour, for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook.  This is my honest, unbiased review.

you can buy a copy here 




Before turning his hand to writing, James Hazel was a lawyer in private practice specialising in corporate and commercial litigation and employment law

He was an equity partner in a regional law firm and held a number of different department headships until he quit legal practice to pursue his dream of becoming an author.

He has a keen interest in criminology and a passion for crime thrillers, indie music and all things retro.

James lives on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds with his wife and three children.


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  1. This sounds so good. You made me want to read it… Tonight. Great review

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    1. Wow thank you 💕💕


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