Killer Queen by T.S. Hunter – Book Review



It’s 1988. A mild summer after a turbulent political year for LGBT rights. While working as an assistant to a successful Theatre Director, Joe Stone finds himself unwittingly embroiled in another murder investigation. 

Lexi Goode, a young, up and coming actress has her bright future cut short when she is found murdered in her exclusive top floor apartment in the posh end of Soho. Knowing that the police are as racist as they are homophobic, Joe and Russell inevitably take it on themselves to investigate what happened to the young woman. 

Along the way they discover illicit liaisons, a string of admirers, a secret life that was helping to pay for the glamorous lifestyle no young actress should have been able to afford. But who would want to kill Lexi? 

Finding the answer to that question puts Joe in mortal danger and a young police officer in an awkward position. 




#5 in the Soho Noir series and can be read as a stand-alone, but you will be missing out on a fantastic series.

Set in 80’s Soho, young Lexi Goode has finished her performance on stage. Usually the understudy, she got her chance at the main role when lead actress, Hattie Duval was indisposed. 

Lexi also has a second job, one she has kept secret.

When Lexi doesn’t arrive at the theatre for work. the director, Cameron sends Joe to find her. But he finds her body, she had been murdered.

So, Joe and his friend Russell, an unofficial private detective, start their investigation. Can they find the killer before the corrupt, homophobic detective Skinner locks up the wrong man?

This may be a relatively short novella, but it packs so much in. There’s the clever plot, the descriptive writing that brings the 80’s Soho alive. The characters are so well developed, I really care for them and forever they are not real people. Russell now in a settled relationship with Freddie, and Joe, OH, I was so pleased there may actually be a romance for him with Mark. All mixed with a cosy, murder mystery in a wonderfully entertaining read. Brilliant as always.

Thank you to Red Dog Press for the opportunity to take part in this blog tour and for a free ecopy of this fabulous book. This is my honest and unbiased review.



Claiming to be at least half-Welsh, T.S. Hunter lived in South Wales for much of his latter teens, moving to London as soon as confidence and finances allowed. He never looked back.

He has variously been a teacher, a cocktail waiter, a podium dancer and a removal man, but his passion for writing has been the only constant.

He’s a confident and engaging speaker and guest, who is as passionate about writing and storytelling as he is about promoting mainstream LGBT fiction.

He now lives with his husband in the country, and is active on social media. 


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