The Foreign Girls by Sergio Olguín – Book Review


When two European backpackers are found murdered after attending a high society party in northern Argentina, sacrificial offerings left near the bodies point to their involvement in a Macumba rite.

But for their friend Veronica Rosenthal, a courageous investigative journalist with a proclivity for sexual adventure, the story smacks of a cover-up. Sure enough, Veronica’s determination to get justice for the ‘foreign girls’ quickly reveals a political dimension to the murder and leads her into very dangerous territory, bringing her face to face with old enemies, as well as new ones.


Veronica is an investigative journalist, she is travelling through north Argentin. One night in a bar she meets two young women, they get chatting and agree to go to a party together. After a bit of a falling out Veronica leaves.

But, she then finds out the two women were murdered that night, in what looks like a ritual killing.

So, Veronica begins an investigation.

The Foreign Girls is a fast paced and gripping thriller, it really has a sense of time and place and tells of power, corruption and femicide. There is also a feeling of menace round every corner. It has a tight, clever plot and a great character in Veronica. Compelling from the very start.

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The Author and the Translator

Sergio Olguín was born in Buenos Aires in 1967 and was a journalist before turning to fiction. Olguín has won a number of awards, among others the Premio Tusquets 2009 for his novel Oscura monótona sangre (“Dark Monotonous Blood“) His books have been translated into German, French and Italian.

The translator Miranda France is the author of two acclaimed volumes of travel writing: Don Quixote’s Delusions and Bad Times in Buenos Aires. She has also written the novels Hill Farm and The Day Before the Fire and translated much Latin American fiction, including Claudia Piñeiro’s novels for Bitter Lemon Press.


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