The Crossing by Manjeet Mann – Book Review


A trailblazing new novel about two teenagers from opposite worlds; The Crossing is a profound story of hope, grief, and the very real tragedies of the refugee crisis.

Natalie’s world is falling apart. She’s just lost her mum and her brother marches the streets of Dover full of hate and anger. Swimming is her only refuge.

Sammy has fled his home and family in Eritrea for the chance of a new life in Europe. Every step he takes on his journey is a step into an unknown and unwelcoming future. 

A twist of fate brings them together and gives them both hope. But is hope enough to mend a broken world? 


The Crossing is a unique tale as it’s told in verse. 

It follows the characters, Natalie and Sammy. 

Natalie’s mother has died from cancer. She had worked with refugees and shared her compassion with Natalie. 

But now without her, the family is falling apart with Natalie’s brother part of an anti-refugee ‘gang’…that’s the only way to describe these heartless people.

Now, Sammy is a boy from Eritrea, he doesn’t want to be in the army, the country’s conscription and the abuse, so he wants to escape and try to get to the UK.

This is a unique and beautifully written tale, it tells of the desperation of refugees, of fear and of compassion. An Eye opening, incredibly moving and thought provoking read.


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